This dining room armchair is part of the Arrow collection, which carries the concept of precision and the figurative arrow element abstraction, present thru the design. Using the halfway between organic and racional design approach, we used triangular sections, that give life to unique transitions that remind us why the product is called “arrow”. Proposing a complex wood structure sculpting technique, that takes the manufacturing to the edge, where sharp CNC diamond drills give meaning to the word precision and the craftsmanship love is showed in the assembly and finishing. The wood is combined with a comfortable foam seating that can use premium textiles or leather, this donates the ability to shine in terms of aesthetics but also have the comfort as a priority. The design is created upon the golden section where using this rule we can define the best position to each design element to create a harmonic proportion between them and as well as the hole object Silhouette. All our objects are made with love and care, we believe that each and every one has a soul that transmit a positive energy to fill, give joy and life to outstanding interiors.


Solid wood , textiles or leathers.



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks