A collection composed by armchairs available in two hights, coffee tables, side tables and center tables. The Sublime collection, is born from the research in the organic form field, that originates a comfortable shell structure for seating, developed with the ergonomics to embrace the body with a soft foam area, to provide a relaxing and comfortable experience. In the design, complex forms along the silhouette create, details and points of interest to elevate the piece, where the structural blocks are conceived in a pure and strong relationship overall, in seek of a sublime outcome. It is an inside to the lounge mindset, an invite to good conversations and memorable moments. All its virtues are aligned with a high end production, with attention to minimal details, were our artisans work the solid wood and foam areas in synergy, with the goal of achieving perfection.


Width: 81 cm (31.88 in) Depth: 96 cm (37.79 in) Height: 109 cm (42.91 in) Seat Height: 43 cm (19.92 in) ARMS HIGHT > 61 cm (24.01 in)


Solid wood and textiles.



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks