Skyfolding In-Outdoor Collection, the collection concept is inspired by the Asian building scaffoldings, where a structure is composed by bamboo sticks crossed to create this inspiring and fascinating structures. We combined elements of this structures and also references from the ballet stretching bars that often combine metal and wood, this combo is the concept very soul. All the figurative elements are abstracted in the design process to extract the precise best of each world, and by then resulting in a collection of delicate objects, cult and curated to the minimum details, in design and engineering.      The collection is composed by outdoor net, batyline or plastic, in a portion leaving room to a more soft design approach that is harmonious, this elements are combined to a structure made of wood and metal that transcends to tech and soft, a paradigm of past, present and future that invite all the viewers to contemplate and reflect in this philosophical matters in a tactile and visual way.      Resulting is a essential and timeless set of objects designed for the modern lifestyle that permit infinite compositions indoors or outdoors that will participate in lives for a lifetime like a breeze full of “zen” elements and energy.      Award winner of the biggest South American design award the – Salão Design, 1st place for the industry category.


Metal, textiles, outdoor net / batyline, solid wood.   



Estimated production time

4-8 weeks